What are the Benefits of Volunteering?

There are many reasons why people volunteer, such as to have a positive and meaningful impact on one’s community, but volunteering can also have many benefits for an individual.

Volunteering is one way to find out about something that one is good at and develop a new skill. It is never too late in life to learn new skills or increase one’s knowledge simply because formal education has been completed and one is working successfully in a job. By helping with the planning and implementation of a major fundraising event, one can develop skills in setting goals, planning and budgeting. By supervising and training other volunteers, one can develop training and supervisory skills. These kinds of skills can help in one’s career but doing something like painting a mural or creating banners for an event can help one to find talents in the arts and graphics.

Volunteering helps to boost one’s career options. Leading businesses in the United Kingdom feel that volunteering can add to a person’s skills and those that volunteered to learn new skills had been able to increase their salaries and have a better chance of getting promoted. Volunteering can also be helpful when thinking about a career change. If one is currently working in the field of information technology but has a passion for the arts, then volunteering at a local theatre or gallery can help in the exploration of this new career. Situations such as this can enable one to explore a new field with relatively few financial expenses and gain an insight while helping out for a cause.

Everyday life can sometimes become routine and dull and volunteering can provide an escape and create a balance in life. By finding new hobbies and interests through volunteering, one can become relaxed and energized and have fun at the same time. This sense of fulfillment can carry over to the workplace and help to make it less stressful at times and gain new perspectives. Volunteering can lead a person to a new hobby or opportunities and expand one’s horizons.

New life experiences can be made possible by volunteering. Whether mailing flyers for a local charity to raise awareness or building a new home, volunteering can enable one to see the real world through hands-on work. Many new volunteer opportunities are available these days from volunteering overseasforsome of the most vulnerable people of the world, to helping the elderly and the disabled. Teenagers to those over 50 can volunteer opening up a wide range of possible new experiences and activities.

Unlike many things in life, volunteering is about making a decision on one’s own accord to give one’s time, energy and skills. Volunteers typically are motivated and have a sense of achievement which is generated by their desire and enthusiasm to help. In addition, volunteers typically have an improved sense of well-being and physical and emotional health as a result of their contribution to society, no matter what the size.

When people volunteer they also have the opportunity to meet a diverse range of people whether it is the people that are being helped or the people with whom one is working. This helps to develop interpersonal skills and offers a great chance to network. Lasting personal and professional relationships can be developed there is the ability to be educated about people from all walks of life, environments and industries.

Volunteering is as much a benefit for the volunteer as it is for the recipient of volunteer service. When volunteering is viewed from this perspective, there are many added incentives for volunteering beyond the basic motivation of altruism.